Nana's Stories

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Sun Flower

This is a story that Nana wrote for her granddaughters, Laura, Alli and Charlie Rose. The story is about Nana giving up her Sunflower seeds so that Alli could plant them and in doing so, Alli makes her sister, Laura very happy.

A Prayer To Our Blessed Mother

This is a prayer for my grandchildren, from the Guide to Prayer, from the Campanions of St. Anthony.

I now have three granddaughters that I don't get to see very much because they live 4 hours away and I am working full time. My hope is to continue what I started years ago when my first granddaughter was born and that is reading to them, so they can hear my voice and know how much I love and miss them. My continued efforts are to share the love of reading and encourge others to read.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Laura Practices for Her Brown Belt Test

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Nana and Gramps went to Auburn this weekend to see their granddaughter Laura, earn her Brown Belt in Karate. Just minutes before her test, Laura practices for her Brown Belt Test with the help of her sister, Alli.